Material for Biochemistry 465, Spring 1999

Asst. Prof. Jason D. Kahn

Course meets in Chemistry 0127, TuTh 9:30 a.m.

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Syllabus, including general course information and lecture schedule
Local teaching resources on biomolecular visualization

"Virtual textbook" for Mathews and van Holde (can be slow, not a substitute for the book)
I have not found an on-line resource linked to Genes VI.

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Announcements and Scheduling:

5/24/99: The final results for the course are available.
5/6/99: In an effort to enhance the potential for thoughtful, considered, but anonymous feedback on this course, I have made a web feedback response form available. It can only be used from the domain.
4/26/99: The results of exam 2 are available.
3/16/99: The results of exam 1 are available.
2/18/99: I have finally put copies of all the overheads I've used in class on reserve.


All reading is from Lewin unless otherwise noted. The assignments are usually a little bit ahead of the lectures.

1/30/98 Chapters 1-3, most of which you should already know

Additions and Corrections

Here's the structure of the intercalator ethidium (normally used as the bromide salt):

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