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George Lorimer

George H. Lorimer
Distinguished University Professor
phone: 301.405.1828
fax: 301.314.9121

Maryland Biophysics Program

Chem. and Biochem. web site

Research Summary

Methods in Enzymology, Molecular Chaperones.

Recent Publications

Stan G, Brooks BR, Lorimer GH, Thirumalai D “Identifying natural substrates for chaperonins using a sequence-based approach” PROTEIN SCIENCE 2005 14 (1): 193-201.

Stan G, Thirumalai D, Lorimer GH, Brooks BR “Annealing function of GroEL: structural and bioinformatic analysis” BIOPHYSICAL CHEMISTRY 2003 100 (1-3): 453-467.

Thirumalai D, Lorimer GH “Chaperonin-mediated protein folding” ANNUAL REVIEW OF BIOPHYSICS AND BIOMOLECULAR STRUCTURE 2001 30: 245-269.

Lorimer GH “A personal account of chaperonin history” PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 2001 125 (1): 38-41.

Shtilerman M, Lorimer GH, Englander SW “Chaperonin function: Folding by forced unfolding” SCIENCE 1999 284 (5415): 822-825.


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