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Dorothy Beckett

Dorothy Beckett
phone: 301.405.1812
fax: 301.314.9121

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Research Summary
Molecular Recognition and Allostery in the Multi-functional Biotin Repressor
Recent Publications

Brown PH, Beckett D “Use of binding enthalpy to drive an allosteric transition” BIOCHEMISTRY 2005 44 (8): 3112-3121.

Beckett D “Linked equilibria in biotin repressor function: Thermodynamic, structural, and kinetic analysis” METHODS IN ENZYMOLOGY 2004 379: 209-234

Beckett D “Functional switches in transcription regulation; Molecular mimicry and plasticity in protein-protein interactions ”BIOCHEMISTRY 2004 43 (25): 7983-7991.

Tang C, Loeliger E, Luncsford P, Kinde I, Beckett D, Summers MF “Entropic switch regulates myristate exposure in the HIV-1 matrix protein” PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2004 101 (2): 517-522.

Streaker ED, Beckett D “Coupling of protein assembly and DNA binding: Biotin repressor dimerization precedes biotin operator binding”
JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2003 325 (5): 937-948.


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