Molecular visualization of idealized B-form DNA

This set of web pages uses the open-source Java Applet program Jmol, a proposed platform-independent replacement for Chime and Rasmol, neither of which is available in an OS X native version. You will need a relatively recent Java Virtual Machine to use it. Currently the page runs Jmol 11.4.5.

Here is the color coding scheme used in many of the scripts:

Major groove -- red
Minor groove -- yellow
Watson-Crick H-bonding face -- blue
major groove and WC face -- purple
major groove and WC face -- green
backbone -- white, with orange P atoms
other atoms -- brown. Sugar protons not shown.
imino protons -- pink

The buttons below the Jmol window are generally intended to be clicked in order. There are some glitches if you show/hide waters. For more sophisticated commands, bring up a console window with a right-click/control click in the Jmol window.

The list on the right takes you to each of the other Jmol pages in the DNA/RNA tutorial.If your screen is large enough, use the "big" pages.

Go to small ideal B-DNA

This page is idealized B-DNA from Arnott, via InsightII. Base planes are flat, and perpendicular to the helix axis.

Go to small real B-DNA

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Go to small ideal A-RNA

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Go to small real A-RNA

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Go to small real A-RNA

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