30S Ribosomal Proteins

This is an image of the ribosomal proteins as located in the 30S subunit, minus the 16S rRNA.

In E. coli, the proteins are denoted S1-S21. S4, S7, S8, S15, S17, S20 bind independently to 16S rRNA. After assembly of these primary binding proteins, S5, S6, S9, S12, S13, S16, S18, and S19 bind to the growing ribosome. These proteins also potentiate the addition of S2, S3, S10, S11, S14, and S21.
Protein binding to helical junctions is important for initiating the correct tertiary fold of RNA and to organize the overall structure. Nearly all the proteins contain one or more globular domains. Moreover, nearly all contain long extensions that can contact the RNA in far-reaching regions. Additional stabilization results from the proteins' basic residues, as these neutralize the charge repulsion of the RNA backbone. Protein-protein interactions also exist to hold structure together by electrostatic and hydrogen bonding interactions.

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S1 and Primary binding proteins: S1, S4, S7, S8 S15, S17, S20
Second binding proteins: S5, S6, S9, S12 S13, S16, S18, S19
Late binding proteins: S2, S3, S10, S11 S14, S21
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